years ago, i learned to make chocolate truffles by filling hollow shells with ganache, sealing the shells, and rolling them in tempered chocolate. after the truffles set up, my chocolate-loving friends, family, and i would break open the shells, lick out the creamy filling, and throw away the shells. there must be a better way, i thought, to get to the heart of a chocolate truffle.

the answer came two years later. i was shopping with my daughter when she spotted some tall, slender shot glasses and said, "wouldn't these be beautiful with chocolate in them?"

the next words out of my mouth were, "truffle shots!"

within days, we bought dozens of shot glasses in various shapes and sizes, brainstormed flavors, secured several urls, filed for a trademark, and started on a business plan and patent application. we briefly sold truffle shots® brand chocolate truffles at our ice cream store before selling the ice cream business to open a dedicated truffle shots® store in our hometown. we are now expanding our online business and considering options to scale the business in order to share truffle shots® with chocolate lovers everywhere.

i hope you enjoy our chocolate creation.