Care + Keeping

We want Truffle Shots® brand chocolate truffles to be the most indulgent, enjoyable chocolate experience you will ever have. Careful timing of your order will ensure optimal freshness and enjoyment.

Best By Date

Truffle Shots® are handmade to order. Each Truffle Shot® is labeled with a BEST BY date, which is generally five days from the date on which it is made.

Please schedule the production and/or shipping of your order to coincide with the date on which the Truffle Shots® will be consumed. To ensure your Truffle Shots® will be as fresh as possible, your order will be made within 8 to 24 hours of scheduled pick up, delivery, or shipping.

If giving Truffle Shots® as a gift, please let the recipient know the chocolates should be consumed while fresh. If your gift is to be shipped, please verify the recipient will be available to receive it.


If you do not plan to enjoy your Truffle Shots® by the BEST BY date, place them in the refrigerator—while fresh—and enjoy within one week of the BEST BY date. Before storing, check to be sure the seal on top of the shot glass is secure. Place the shot back in the box and store upside down in the refrigerator. Truffle Shots® brand chocolate truffles can also be frozen (following the same steps) for up to three months.


Truffle Shots® should be served at room temperature. Remove from freezer or refrigerator three to four hours before serving. Please note that if the ganache has pulled away from the glass due to refrigeration/freezing, this will resolve itself when the Truffle Shots® are brought back to room temperature.

Caution: Do not microwave or heat in oven.