"Out of this World." | Anonymous phone message from a woman whose husband received Truffle Shots® brand chocolate truffles as a gift from his boss.

"I am trying—and failing—to find words adequate to describe the total deliciousness of this confection. Thank you for existing in my time/space continuum. This could be the answer to world peace." | Jenny T. (Essex, Connecticut)

"The best thing I've ever eaten." | Anonymous phone message from a gift recipient (Old Lyme, Connecticut)

"Divine." | Clair M. (Essex, Connecticut)

"Over the top." | David D. (Purcellville, Virginia)

"A very sensuous experience." | Anne B. (New York City)

"The next big thing." | Robert E. (Portsmouth, Rhode Island)

"Brilliant idea!" | Matthew S. (Denver, Colorado)

"Stunning presentation." | Jacque R. (Ivoryton, Connecticut)

"Truffle Shots are the Big-O." | In-store Customer

"Everybody who's had it pass their lips is faint with ecstasy." | In-store customer, speaking for herself and friends.

"Just want you to know . . . I hate you." | Patrice S. (Old Saybrook, Connecticut)

"I'm getting a little addicted to these." | Jocelyn M. (Alexandria, Virginia)

"These are going to be trouble." | In-store customer

"One of the top five desserts of all time." | Gift Recipient (El Paso, Texas)

"Very cool." | Jeannie Y. (Killingworth, Connecticut)

"Somebody order these!" | General Manager of a resort hotel to his staff after first tasting Truffle Shots® (to which a staff member replied, "We already have." (Westbrook, Connecticut)

"Your Truffle Shots® are fantastic." | Dr. G.  "We love them." | Mrs. G. (Madison, Connecticut)