Ways to Repurpose Shot Glasses

People are always asking, "What do I do with all these empty shot glasses?"  So we gathered a few ideas to help get your creative juices flowing.  

As shown (left to right):  

  • Jazz up a buffet table with individual servings of crudites.
  • Serve a shot of cold milk with your favorite cookie for the perfect little snack.
  • Arrange a small bouquet of flowers for a shot of color.
  • Layer ingredients for a dessert parfait.
  • Fill with soup to complement your favorite sandwich.

Additional ideas:

  • Use as candle holders or luminaries.
  • Use to hold rings, pencils, make-up brushes, change, buttons, candy, toothbrushes, cuff links, or other small objects.
  • Fill with individual servings of jam, relish, flavored butter, sauce, salad dressing, or other condiments.